A Bandcamp plugin for Grayjay

08 May 2024

A brief announcement of a plugin for accessing Bandcamp on the Grayjay app.

Grayjay is a media app which supports multiple platforms, similar to NewPipe. I've recently been trying it out in place of NewPipe, probably after one too many times where a Youtube update broke it.

Note that Grayjay currently has some weird "temporary" license, so treat it as "source-available" software at best. It doesn't qualify as Free and Open Source, as of writing.

A platform I've sorely missed support for is Bandcamp, where I buy most of my music. Thankfully Grayjay has a fairly straightforward plugin system, where you implement their API (in Javascript, blergh).

So I did that.

Here it is.

And here's a QR code for installing it.

QR code for the plugin

Or if Grayjay finally supports adding plugins by URL, give it this:


Don't worry, it'll only update when the version in the config file is incremented.


Currently pretty jank, but does the job.

The home page shows the most recent "notable albums" as on the Bandcamp homepage.

Known issues: